Architecture, Old buildings conservation investigation works and studies
Mechanical Hydro and HVAC systems designing, Water hammer transient analysis

Supervising and Consulting, Buildings energy efficiency

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Mechanical designing and supervision

Professional company staff has nearly 20 years of experience in designing mechanical hydro technical systems (drinking water / waste water / irrigation), mechanical thermodynamic systems (HVAC – heating / ventilation / air conditioning, gas, compressed air, renewable energy resources, etc.) plus energy facilities (biogas and biomass) as well as performing expert construction supervision. Through continuous professional training we strive to achieve a distinguished business excellence. With mechanical design and technical supervision we can offer energy audits and energy certification of simple and complex buildings, plus integrated architectural design.

The company HIDROENERGA Ltd. can offer preparation of optimized mechanical technology and technical project documentation, expert construction supervision, energy audits and energy certification of buildings with the successful implementation of new technologies and knowledge. Services that we can offer use the advanced computer software and programming packages.

Relevant technical areas

We successfully implement mechanical design and professional supervision of mechanical plant construction and installations with other professions in construction into the common quality product and we generally include the following technical areas:

• Wells, water wells, water tanks, water towers – water pumping and water delivery, drinking water technology, preparation and treatment

• Wastewater treatment devices – processing technology, mechanical technology equipment and installation (classical devices, SMR, MBR and RO – reverse osmosis)

• Stations for compression rising on water supply systems

• Stations for drinking water disinfection

• Wastewater pumping stations and related compression equipment

• Pumping stations and irrigation systems with large capacity

• Infrastructure for ship docks and harbours, and industrial and economic zones (water supply, sewage, gasification)

• Water regulation dams

• Heating, cooling, ventilation / air conditioning (HVAC) plants and installations

(animal farms, shopping centers, office buildings, hospitals and social institutions, multi-residential buildings, schools, highway traffic control centre, factories and processing industries, churches and monasteries, old buildings under conservatory protection, family houses, and others according to the investor’s needs)

• Renewable Energy

(Solar heating, cooling and preparation of DHW systems, Photo volt 1, 2 and 3, heat pumps, Elaborates for heat savings and thermal protection, energy and techno-economical feasibility studies: urban villas with different technological requirements, factory halls, hotels, Reformist church etc.)

• Biogas cogeneration plants

• Plants and installation of natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and medical gases

• Conduction of energy audits and energy certification of buildings

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