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Energy audits and certification

Renewable energy resources are sustainable energy resources that can be “renewed” (more accurately: their supply is unlimited in human terms) and using them in real time does not contribute to the exhaustion of the source. Renewable energy resources are therefore unlimited according to human standards. Nowadays, they are used more and more due to their relative safety for the environment. The most commonly used renewable energy resources are wind, solar, water, soil, biomass, biogas, etc. Opposed to these are fossil fuels (oil, coal and natural gas, nuclear energy) which are not unlimited and their complete exhaustion is likely going to happen, since they emit pollutants by their own combustion which increase pollution of the natural environment every day.

Obnovljivi izvori energijeA tolerable difference between the temperature of the body and its environment is one of the basic prerequisites for the longer stay of a person in certain space, and it is crucial to ensure favourable conditions in the living and / or working environment which natural regulators of human body temperature could compensate. Many millenniums have passed since the time when early humans were warming up by the cave fire to modern times and attempt to use the heat of the environment (in terms of renewable energy). Raising awareness about reduction of operating costs, ecological factors and effort to take the biggest possible amount of heat for heating / cooling and / or hot water from nature, have influenced the appearance of advanced technical solutions.

The company HIDROENERGA has the experience in production of techno-economical analysis of application possibilities and designing systems for exploitation of geothermal energy, heat pumps, solar heating, solar cooling, ground or air heat exchangers, etc. We advocate renewable energy resources wherever possible in form which has the highest efficiency for each individual investor. Nevertheless, this is possible only after detailed analysis and with full consideration of the technical and economic conditions for each individual case.

We provide following professional services:

  • Preparation of crude energy analysis for buildings based on statements and investor’s data, measuring dimensions of the building and quick calculation of the possibility for using renewable energy resources,
  • Preparation of Heat Saving and Thermal Protection Elaborate,
  • Preparation of detailed techno – economical analysis of the applicability of the use of renewable energy resources,
  • Design of renewable heat (heat pump / heat pump / heat pumps, solar heating, solar cooling, heat the soil – air, etc..) systems, supervision of works and consultancy to investors,
  • Conducting energy audits and energy certification of buildings,
  • Development of specialized computer applications for the design of renewable energy resources based on your needs or production program.
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