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About us

The company HIDROENERGA Ltd from Osijek was founded in the year 2009 as a continuation of previous Chartered Engineer Office, and with desire to further develop business activities and entrepreneurial ideas. Company experts are chartered engineers with almost 20 years of professional experience in architectural projects design, implementation of conservatory research work, development of conservation studies and projects on immovable cultural assets, mechanical engineering projects of systems and plants (hydraulic engineering, thermodynamics and energy industry) as well as in performing expert construction supervision.

The company and the engineering team are certified by the Ministry of Construction to conduct energy audits and issue energy certificates in professional areas of architecture and engineering. The professional staff of the company holds Ministry of Culture licence to perform cultural assets’ protection and preservation works which are related to the documentation of immovable cultural assets and preparation of preliminary, main and final project for the immovable cultural asset.

We strive to achieve a recognizable business excellence through continuous professional training. Together with the architectural and mechanical design and expert supervision, we can offer energy audits and energy certification of simple and complex buildings in architectural- construction and mechanical-energy areas.

The company HIDROENERGA Ltd. can provide optimized architectural and mechanical technology and technical design documentation, professional supervision of these energy audits and energy certification of buildings with the successful application of new technologies and knowledge. Projects are designed using the advanced computer software and programming packages.

Architectural design and expert supervision

We make architectural projects at all development levels: conceptual, main and final projects, documentation of immovable cultural asset, preparation of all types of projects and conservation elaborates and immovable cultural assets studies. Architectural design involves a constant interaction between designers and our clients, resulting in high quality architectural solutions to the investors’ satisfaction. In our work we converge extensive expertise and experience in the architectural design of all types of buildings: family houses, nurseries, schools, museums, churches, hospitals, archives, cultural centres, office buildings, interior design space for various purposes … on different types of buildings we successfully meet all your project requirements. There are no two objects which are equal because your ideas are our challenge.

In order to successfully implement each segment of architectural design, only a good project is not enough: a constant interaction with the contractor and subcontractors is required so that all your ideas could be implemented in the final architectural solution to the satisfaction of investors. Therefore, we are available here for you, or as a project expert supervision or standard expert supervision in construction.

Mechanical design and technical supervision of construction works

We successfully implement mechanical design and expert supervision of mechanical plant construction and installations with other professions in construction into the common quality product and we generally include the following technical areas:

Performance of energy audits and energy certification of buildings

We use many years of experience in architectural thermodynamics and energy projects, in order to perform energy audits and energy certification of buildings. Energy audits and energy certification is not merely printing of unnecessary paper. They are your direction for energy-efficient future and reduction of living expenses.

Preparation of techno – economical analysis

In order to solve engineering problems, we produce detailed technical and economic analysis and compare possible alternatives of engineering and technological solutions before creating the project documentation itself. In this way, the investor can have all the necessary parameters, conditions and rough cost estimate, plus the cost of usage for the projected lifetime of the building, before entering seriously into the final construction project.

Our Business Philosophy

We are led by the following business philosophy through architectural design and mechanical plant projects as well as through energy audits and energy certification:

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