Architecture, Old buildings conservation investigation works and studies
Mechanical Hydro and HVAC systems designing, Water hammer transient analysis

Supervising and Consulting, Buildings energy efficiency

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FIDIC EU projects

Company Director, Kresimir Pecar, works as a “freelance” expert – a consultant on projects established by EU funds. Therefore, he works as a mechanical designer for the project, a supervisor or a consultant to different foreign consortiums.

According to the above, we have the experience in cooperation with European companies – consortiums in the implementation of a common objective – improving the infrastructural opportunities in Croatia and abroad. Completed projects in this field so far are listed below:

Consultancy and TA for ISPA measure – Karlovac water and waste water programme, Karlovac, Croatia,Croatia PROJECT REFERENCE NO:ISPA MEASURE NO. 2005/HR/16/P/PE/001 EUROPEAID/123856/D/SER/HR, FIDIC tender dossiers preparation

Technical Assistance to EU Delegation to Montenegro for the preparation of Preliminary design for the construction of waste water treatment plant and sewerage network in the Municipality of Berane, Montenegro, Ref. 2011/267021

County Waste Management Centre “Kaštijun” County of Istria, Croatia, IPA CCI NO 2008hr16IPR001” (CCI NO 2008HR16IPR001-02-01), WWTP main and detailed design

Preparation of technical documentation for contracting of new sewerage network in municipalities of Bijelo polje and Cetinje, Montenegro, RfS 2013/325 415, FWC BENEFICIARIES 2009 – LOT 6: Environment, EuropeAid/127054/c/SER/multi, FIDIC tender dossiers preparation

Preparation of Preliminary design for the construction of waste water treatment plant and sewerage network in the Municipality of Plav and the urban settlement of Gusinje, Montenegro, IPA Regional Development Component Operational programme, No. 2011/279306/1

Supervision for Bartın Wastewater Project FWC BENEFICIARIES 2013 – LOT 2: Transport and Infrastructures EuropeAid/132633/C/SER/Multi, Turkey. Construction Supervision under FIDIC YELLOW BOOK standard tender documentation

Supervising Engineer for Design and Works for construction of Waste Water Treatment Plant in the Thermo Power Plant Nikola Tesla (TENT A, 1500 MW net output power), Serbia. FIDIC YELLOW BOOK standard tender documentation Supervision for Project No: 14SER01/04/131, Request for Services 2016/374471, FWC BENEFICIARIES 2013, LOT 4: Energy and nuclear safety

Design and Works for construction of Potable Water Treatment Plant: PWTP Ombla – Dubrovnik, Croatia (500 l/s net output). Main and Execution Design under the FIDIC YELLOW BOOK tender documentation. Project agreement No: 5711/16.

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